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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Improvised Munitions

Paladin Press - Black Book Companion - State-of-the-Art Improvised Munitions

Incendiary: Electrical Timers

Earth Liberation Front - Setting Fires with Electrical Timers

How to on improvised timers.

Fallout Shelter Construction

Basement Fallout Shelter Construction

REAL Home Made Napalm

Military manual describing the materials and manufacturing of napalm suitable for use in an M2 Flamethrower.

Items and materials not described in the manual are explained below.

The M1 Thickener (Mil-t-589a), chemically a mixture of 25 percent wt. aluminum naphthenate, 25 percent aluminum oleate, and 50 percent aluminum laurate, (or, according to other sources, aluminum stearate soap) is a highly hygroscopic coarse tan-colored powder. As the water content impairs the quality of napalm, thickener from partially used open containers should not be used later. It is not maintained in the US Army inventory any more as it was replaced with M4.

The M2 Thickener (Mil-t-0903025b) is a whitish powder similar to M1, with added devolatilized silica and anti-caking agent.

The M4 flame fuel thickening compound (Mil-t-50009a), hydroxyl aluminum bis(2-ethylhexanoate) with anti-caking agent, is a fine white powder. It is less hygroscopic than M1 and opened containers can be resealed and used within one day. About half the amount of M4 is needed for the same effect as of M1.

AIPD - CM3209 - Flame Field Expedients

Liberator Pistol Blueprints

Liberator Pistol Instructional Sheet

Liberator Pistol Blueprints

Liberator Pistol History

Libertor Pistol, Deer Gun, and OSS Stinger Book and Photos

64 Rifle And Pistol Targets

64 Rifle And Pistol Targets